The WeLearn Trust!

The Welearn trust is a group of schools working together to bring learning opportunities to students. 

It's our goal to provide digital learning opportunities to all learners,
hatever their circumstances may be.

We do it by providing our users (our Welearners) with a platform for creating and sharing information. 
And by assisting education providers to source cheap, reliable devices for our WeLearners to use and
sometimes even take home. We also assist schools with BYOD (bring your own device) schemes where students
can purchase their own devices and bring them to school.

Our WeLearners can already create and access their work from anywhere in the world, 
at school or at home, anywhere they have an internet connection and a modern web browser. At the moment we're
working on providing 
wireless internet connectivity to WeLearn families in lower decile areas where a lot of students 
wouldn't otherwise have easy, ready access to the internet.

We can also provide professional development to teachers and facilitators to help them with digital learning opportunities 
in the classroom. We provide a point of contact and liaison for other agencies, and 
to help explain initiatives to school leaders.  
And naturally we provide advice and support to schools in all areas of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


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